Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Flylady's Swish & Swipe

Since we're in the BATHROOM ZONE this week, (a zone I have been NEGLECTING)
I wanted to re-commit to "SWISH & SWIPE" the bathroom each day!

If you know about FLYLADY, you've probably heard about Swish & Swipe. If you haven't you'll have to check out her site. She has some amazing ideas!

The point of the Swish & Swipe is:
If you do a quick wipe-over of your bathrooms each day - Your bathrooms will never really get dirty. There will be no build-up, no toilet ring, and no hard water stains. You will have a sparkling clean bathroom every day without ever really cleaning it.

While your in the bathroom:
  • Use a little windex and quickly "swipe" the mirror, counter & sink.
  • Next, use a toilet brush with a little soap to "swish" the toilet bowl (one suggestion is to keep disinfecting bathroom cleaner in your toilet brush holder or even shampoo or slivers of old soap?!?) (caution ladies - don't mix cleaners)
  • Last, use a disinfecting wipe to "swipe" down the lid, seat and bowl rim of the toilet.
If you want to keep up your shower/bath:After the showers/baths are done for the day, wipe down the walls or use a daily shower cleaner to keep the soap scum and mold from building up.
THAT'S IT!Swish & Swipe once a day (and teach those kiddos to help)
AND you'll have a clean bathroom without those marathon cleaning sessions.
Thanks Flylady for that great tip!
Today's Challenge:
Stock your bathrooms and SWISH & SWIPE daily!
Who's In?

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Anne Alagna said...

This is a tough one. I wipe down the mirror, but the rest vanishes from my mind. I need to work on this. It has been on my lists for years!!!

Cori said...

I love this because it's easy for the kids to do, and the love getting to use those cool wipes!

Leah said...

I'm in! I've been doing this for a week or two and the weekends 'bathroom clean' session is so much quicker and easier as I've maintained it all week!

Cortnie said...

I have to say, I've tried the cleaner in the toilet brush holder, and the part of the brush that wasn't in the cleaner got really DISGUSTING. It only took like 3 days and there was this gross dark stuff at the base of the brush. Maybe it was just the cleaner I used, but NOT DOING IT AGAIN!

HappyMom5 said...

To clean the shower, I like to take a sponge and cleaner into the shower with me when I'm having my morning shower. It seems easier to me that way, to do a bit of scrubbing as long as I'm in there anyway! For countertops, it seems like I clean them more often when there's less stuff. I keep a few things in a basket on top of the counter.

Ellison said...

I love that you admit that you "fall of the wagon" So many organizing/cleaning sites seem like perfectionists. But I guess that's FLYing just jump right back in without feeling guilty about yesterday :D

I DO NOT use a toilet brush holder. It makes such a mess and it gets stinky. I use window cleaner for mirrors, counters and outside of tub toilet. For inside the toilet I sprinkle some comet on a rag and wipe down. Then I spray the entire toilet with lysol... the flowery kind. After a few days of doing that my bathroom always smells good. It's just sticking to the routine :( I just decluttered my bathroom yesterday so I think I will start back up.

Kathryn-nannygoat said...

I'm totally doing this! Keeping up with 3 bathrooms is killing me. This is just what I need.

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Happy Girl said...

I want to let you know about our new Flying Facebook group:

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